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Welcome to Melanesian Trustee Services Ltd (MTSL) website, the first ever licensed trustee company in Papua New Guinea under the Securities Act (1997) and is the licensed trustee to Pacific Balanced Fund and Pacific Property Trust. MTSL is also the acting fund manager to Pacific Balanced Fund. Both funds are private trusts owned by individuals, local companies and institutions from Papua New Guinea. We are truly a Melanesian company and pride ourselves in:

  • Valuing the qualities of integrity, credibility and business ethics whilst seeking to maintain the highest standards of trust and confidence for our clients.
  • Having “Trusting Melanesia” as our slogan and have a 100% local workforce and management, and located in the national capital City of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby.

The company’s crest is a “yam house” which is a symbol of status, worth, power and strength throughout Melanesia. The yam house acts as a savings vehicle for families, tribes and communities where yam is harvested and used in times of need. The company being represented by the “yam house” forms the basis of its corporate philosophy of providing best shelter for your hard earned savings to build your financial strength, increase your net worth, and raise your status in the community.

As a truly Melanesian company, we believe in our “Melanesian People” and have a slogan “Trusting Melanesia”, and we support businesses and investments located in the country and the island nations.

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It is part of the trustee's charter to ensure our doings & workings of the fund are proper, without exposing the fund.

Formerly known as Investment Corporation Fund Papua New Guinea (ICFPNG)