MTSL Reaches out to New Ireland Unit Holders

Cash is King in today’s world – and having a little extra money saved away for those unforeseen circumstances can be a reassurance, especially in a country as diverse as Papua New Guinea.

No doubt – Saving your money is important. Melanesian Trustee Services Limited (MTSL) through its fund, Pacific Balanced Fund (PBF) is committed to promoting the importance of Saving throughout Papua New Guinea.

In partnership with other leading financial institutions, MTSL recently undertook an awareness exercise in New Ireland Province, as part of the Savings for Young Minds initiative. This initiative spearheaded by Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG), provided the perfect opportunity for MTSL to visit schools along the entire length of New Ireland. The awareness drive provided an opportunity for MTSL to educate the next generation of Papua New Guinea on the importance of saving money.

Part of this included presentations on investing in trust funds and the benefits. MTSL also used the opportunity to meet with Unit Holders of PBF.
Among them, different churches and village groups – who were excited at the current developments taking place within the Fund. In all, over Thirty Thousand unverified Units were identified and updated – a resounding success for PBF and its verification exercise.

Unit Holders were also given an update on the performance of MTSL and PBF, through the distribution of the Fund’s 2011 and 2012 Annual Reports.
According to Isaac McNerbai, this awareness drive is crucial in ensuring that the future generations start to develop a savings culture – something which MTSL is keen to continue supporting through the Bank of Papua New Guinea’s initiative of Financial Literacy and Inclusion.

“The Savings for Young Minds initiative moves onto Western Highlands and Jiwaka Provinces in August.”