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[stm_staff style=”style_2″ name=”Mr. John Sanday” image=”1919″ image_size=”thumb-280×280″ job=”Executive Chairman” description=”Mr. John Sanday is now Executive Chairman of Melanesian Trustee Services Limited and Pacific Balanced Fund. ” facebook=”#” twitter=”#” linkedin=”#” full_description=”He is a highly experienced merchant banker with 40 years’ experience in the industry. He has also been actively involved in the industry over the past 15 years. Mr. Sanday has had several ventures in Papua New Guinea, Australia and Fiji.

Mr. Sanday is also Chairman and Director for the following companies:

– Melanesian Capital Fiji Limited (Fiji)
– Metals Refining Operations (PNG)
– Pacific Minerals Limited (PNG)
– Fine Metals Fiji Limited (Fiji)
– Kava Korperan Ltd/Kava Toks (Fiji)
– Golden Islands Resources Limited (Fiji)

Mr. Sanday also represented Fiji national rugby team at the 1987 World Cup. He has also been actively involved in sponsoring local sports communities.”][stm_staff style=”style_2″ name=”Mr. Joshua Bakirie” image=”1689″ image_size=”thumb-280×280″ job=”Director” description=”Graduated degree in Accounting (PNGUT) 1984, worked with Coopers & Lybrand Chartered Accounting Firm until closure of business in 1989 due to the Bougainville crisis.” facebook=”#” linkedin=”#” full_description=”Joshua Bakirie comes with background experience in private sector, has run the first Scrap Metal Company in PNG until the world down turn of economy (global economy crisis).

He currently runs a business consultancy company, providing consultancy services in the resources sector mainly in fisheries, mining and oil/gas fields with landowner groups.

Joshua Bakirie is currently serving as MTSL (Melanesian Trustee Services Limited) Director. He has also served as Director on the following Boards:

• Forest Industry Council (1986 – 1992)
• Sunrise Marine Resources Ltd (1993-2000)
• BOC (PNG) Ltd (2005-2006)
• Marsh Insurance (2005 – 2007)
• Yandama Trading
• Melanesian Metal Corporation (MMC)”][stm_staff style=”style_2″ name=”Mr. Arthur Vera” image_size=”thumb-280×280″ job=”Director” description=”Arthur is an ambitious and innovative business professional, living and working in Papua New Guinea since 1991. He currently holds the position of Chief Operating Officer at datec ( PNG) Limited and has held a number of other management positions within the company.” twitter=”#” full_description=”He also possesses extensive knowledge of the Pacific holding GM positions with datec in Vanuatu, Solomons Islands, Samoa and Fiji.Arthur is also a director of Trukai Industried Limited and Marsh PNG Limited

Strengths – Analytical, Persistant, Technically based operational experience, business experience in a range of Pacific Markets, ability to work with a wide range of people to achieve results, good understanding of Pacific Islands cultures.” image=”1899″][stm_staff style=”style_2″ name=”Mr. Phillip Kende” image=”1689″ image_size=”thumb-280×280″ job=”Director” description=”Mr. Phillip Kende of Samberigi, Erave District, Southern Highlands Province brings on the MTSL Board of Trustee, an invaluable experiences of Trustee Director Roles and Responsibilities on the company since year 2000.” facebook=”#” twitter=”#” linkedin=”#” full_description=”Mr. Phillip Kende holds a Bachelor of Education Degree (B Ed) from the University of Papua New Guinea, Diploma in Education (Teaching), Advanced Diploma in Literature and other added Qualifications.

Mr. Phillip Kende immensely contributes his wealth of experiences in the private and public sector with his Military and Management skills obtained over the years within and abroad the country.

He is currently serving as MTSL (Melanesian Trustee Services Limited) Director. He also serves on various Boards of Companies and Institutions which follows:

→ Chairman – Petromin Resources Gobe Ltd
→ Chairman/ Director – CMSS (PNG) Ltd
→ Education Development Trainer – Papua New Guinea & Australia”]

Formerly known as Investment Corporation Fund Papua New Guinea (ICFPNG)