Investment Strategy

Pacific Balanced Fund is passively managed and seeks to meet its objective of producing income while pursuing long term capital growth by adhering to a balanced asset allocation approach.

The Fund will invest in equities primarily in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Region. The equity investments of the Fund is managed whereby the Fund Manager will review, rebalance and reposition the Fund periodically according to changes in economic and financial market conditions, sentiment and future outlook.

The Fund would seek investments in bonds, real property and other fixed income securities to generate the required recurring income. Although the Fund is passively managed, the frequency of its trading strategy will depend on market opportunities.

The equity investment of the Fund primarily focuses on a diversified portfolio of companies with growth prospects that are listed on approved exchanges in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Region and generally, unlisted companies with reasonably good earnings growth prospect over the medium to long-term.

The fund relies on fundamental research where the financial health, industry prospects, management quality and past track records of the companies are considered.

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