Key Features

Summary of Key Data of the Fund
Name of Trust Fund Pacific Balanced Fund
Place of Establishment Port Moresby, National Capital District
Duration of Unit Trust Indefinite
Category of Fund Balanced Fund
Type of Fund Income and capital growth
Number of Unit Holder 40 000
Total Number of Units Issued 12 500 000
Financial Year End 31st December
Fund Objective Seeks to achieve income and capital growth over the medium to long term period. The Fund will invest in equities primarily in the Papua New Guinea market and the Pacific.
Risk Profile of Fund Low to moderate risk
Investor Profile Conservative to moderate
Investment Strategy PBF seeks to achieve its goal of income and capital growth by investing 70% of its NAV in a diversified portfolio that are listed primarily in exchanges in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific, and non listed profitable local and foreign companies. The balance of the NAV be invested in fixed income securities, real property and liquid assets.
Principal Risks Market risk, specific stock risk, liquidity risk, currency risk and country risk.
Manager Melanesian Trustee Services Ltd – Interim
Trustee Melanesian Trustee Services Ltd
Service Charge per Unit
During Offer Period
5% of the initial offer price of the fund
The profile of the designated Fund Manager-Trustee of PBF are below.
Fees & Charges
A summary of all fees and charges of the Fund is shown below including charges imposed on the Sale or Purchase of Units. This table describes the charges that you may directly incur when you buy or redeem units of the Fund.
Service Charge per Unit Purchase of units through MTSL: Up to 5% of NAV per unit.
Purchase of Units through the Manager: Up to 5% of NAV per unit.
Note: The charge compensates for the operating expense incurred by the fund through the Manager is maintaining the trading office.The Manager may at its discretion charge a lower service charge subject to qualifying criterion.
Repurchase Charge per Unit Nil.
Transfer Charges An administration fee of PGK 25 will be charged for each transfer transaction.
Bank charges, courier charges and any other indirect charges incurred as a result of redemptions will be borne by the investor.
Fees Incurred on Investing in the Fund
There are annual operating expenses involved in running a fund such as the management fee, trustee fee, custodian fee, audit fees, and other direct administrative costs. These expenses are deducted from the gross income of the fund. This table describes the fees that you may indirectly incur when you invest in the Fund.
FEES (%) / PGK
Annual Management Fee 1% per annum of the NAV.
Annual Trustee Fee 0.5% per annum of NAV.
Any other fees payable by
an investor
These are fees and charges involved and investors are advised to consider them before investing in the Fund.
Information on Transaction of Units
Unit Transactions Units may be bought or sold daily on any Business Day*.Fund Manager and MTSL buys from and sells units to unit holders during Business
Days. This ensures that there will always be a market for the units.


There is a single price for the buying and selling of units of the Fund which is at NAV per unit of the Fund. Upon the sale of units of the Fund to investors, a service charge of up to 5% of NAV per unit is levied. The Manager may at its discretion charge a lower service charge subject to qualifying criterion. The Manager does not impose a repurchase charge on the sale of units of the Fund by investors.Minimum Balance 100 unitsRepurchase of Units Unit holders may redeem units on any Business Day and receive payment of repurchase proceeds within 5 Days. There is no restriction on the frequency of repurchase.Minimum Repurchase 100 UnitsTransfer of UnitsA unit holder may fully or partially transfer his units in the Fund to another unit holder.

An administration fee of PGK 25 will be charged for each transaction. The minimum transaction per transfer is 100 units. Distribution Policy Income distributions are declared at the end of each financial year, or for any specified period as may be approved by the Trustee. If income is distributed, it will be forwarded to the unit holders by cheques, to the latest address shown in the Register. Unit holders may, however, choose to reinvest the distribution by selecting the appropriate option in the Application Form.

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