Getting Started

i. Read and Understand the Prospectus of the Fund

It is important that you should understand fully about unit trust investments, and what investing with the Fund would mean to you in terms of the potential benefits and risks. First ask the corporate representative attending to you for information on the Fund, and be sure to request for a copy of the Prospectus. It is important that you read the Prospectus carefully, and seek further clarification on any matter that may concern you.

In reading the Prospectus, do make sure that you understand fully:

»  The nature of collective investment schemes;
»  The Fund category, objective and its distribution policy;
»  Your rights as a unit holder;
»  The nature and amount of fees and expenses of the Fund which you have to bear;
»  The reports that you will receive as a unit holder which keeps you fully informed about the performances of the Fund.

ii. To Open An Account

1. For prospective investors of the Fund;

You would need only to complete the Fund Application Form that comes with the Prospectus obtainable free upon request. Your application form, together with the investment amount made out in a cheque in favour of MTSL. You are advised to retain the check receipt issued by the Fund Manager for your record and future reference.

2. For non-individual or corporate applicants;

The application must be submitted together with the requisite statutory documents. Please refer to the fund application form for details of the documents required by the different customer types i.e. company, partnership, sole proprietor or others. Please contact the corporate sales desk at the PBF Unit Trust Office should you need further assistance.

3. Adding Regularly to Your Account

You may invest regularly into your investment account by issuing Direct Debit Authorisation with Commercial Banks. Alternatively, you may add to your investment account as and when you feel so inclined by depositing your cash/ cheque made in favour of MTSL followed by your fund account number, into the collection accounts maintained at Commercial Banks and making available the deposit slip to our officers at the Unit Trust Trading Office.

4. Minimum Additional Investment

Ask our staff at our Unit Trust Trading Office to assist you.

“Investors are advised not to make payment in cash when purchasing units of the Fund”.

iii. Exercise of Repurchase, Switching and Transfer of Units;

1. Repurchase

Should you later need to partially or fully redeem your units, you would only need to complete and submit the Repurchase Form to your nearest MTSL Offices. You will be paid the repurchase proceeds within 10 days from our receipt of your repurchase request.

2. Transfer

For transfer of units, you need to complete and submit the Transfer Form instead. An administration fee of PGK 25 is charged on each transfer transaction. You can also execute your repurchase and switching request using our phone-invoice system, Tele-Partner.

3. Minimum Transaction Amount for Repurchase, Switching & Transfer

The minimum transaction per repurchase, switching or transfer is 100 units.

4. Minimum Account Balance

Whatever you may do by way of repurchase, transfer or switching of funds, you must always ensure that you leave a minimum balance of 100 units in your account at all times in order to stay invested with the Fund.

5. Borrowing/Financing to Purchase Units

It is Our Company’s Policy to Discourage the Use of Loan Financing in the Purchase of Units.

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