The approach will be to actively manage the fund and seek to meet its objective of producing income while pursuing medium to long-term capital growth. The services that we provide are applicable to super funds, unit trust funds, landowner equity and royalty trust funds, personal wealth management, real property, fixed incomes, security and stocks.

The fund management services of MTLS integrates the its Management Strategies and enhances its management processes with complementary policies as presented.

(a) Investment Guidelines

The manager of a unit trust scheme pools together the collective investments of unit holders and professionally invests the monies within prescribed limits, restrictions and guidelines to meet the objective of the unit trust scheme.

b) Fiduciary Duty to Act in Good Faith

The Manager is under a fiduciary duty to act in good faith and to avoid advancing a conflicting interest and to exercise due care and diligence when managing the monies of a unit holder, investor or contributor and when making any investments for the unit trust scheme, fund or.

c) Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

To ensure that a unit trust scheme is managed within the ambit of the Trust Deed, the Securities Act, and the Superannuation Act, tax laws and other relevant guidelines and laws at all times. It includes any application to the Securities Commission e.g. to increase the size of the unit trust scheme, the renewal of the Prospectus etc.

d) Communication with Unit Holders

→ To keep the unit holders informed of the management and performance of the unit trust scheme through the interim and annual reports.

→ To ensure that the interest of the unit holders is best served and protected at all times.

e) Compliance with Accounting Standards

→ Maintains strict oversight of the compliance practices within each unit trust scheme and also that of the Trustee in order to ensure compliance with the stringent requirements of the Unit Trust Funds.

→ Ensuring that Fund Management Department and its unit trust schemes observe, comply, and practise high standards of regulatory and operational compliance in keeping with the fiduciary duties and responsibilities.

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