trustee to
Pacific Balanced Fund
formerly known as
Investment Corporation Fund of
Papua New Guinea (ICFPNG)
FIRST EVER Licensed trustee company in Papua New Guinea under the Securities Act (1997) Company History Valuing the Qualities of: Integrity Credibility & Business Ethics whilst seeking to maintain
the highest standards of
trust and confidence
for our clients.
Our corporate philosophy: providing best shelter
for your hard earned savings
build your financial strength
increase your net worth
raise your status
Truely a
Melanesian Company
Our vision is to be
Papua New Guinea’s &
Melanesia’s finest
trustee and
fund management
protecting and building
the wealth and assets
of its people
Fund Management Strategy actively manage the fund and seek to meet
its objective of producing income while pursuing
medium to long-term capital growth
we believe in our “Melanesian People”
and have a slogan “Trusting Melanesia”,
Home-Grown! First Ever! Supporting Local Investment! Managing Funds
for Melanesians!
Trustee providing best shelter
for your hard earned savings


Always Stay Informed!


I am once again pleased to present the Pacific Balanced Fund’s audited financial statements for...

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John Sanday, Executive Chairman I am pleased to present the Pacific Balanced Fund (PBF) Audited...

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It is my pleasure to present the Pacific Balanced Fund (PBF) Audited Financial Statements for...

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Providing Best Shelter for your Hard-earned Savings

To Build your Financial Strength, Increase your Net Worth and Raise your status within the community

Custodian of the Fund

To act as the custodian of the Fund and safeguard the interest of the unit holders by keeping the funds and assets secured

Exercise Due Diligence

To exercise all due diligence and vigilance in carrying out its functions and duties in accordance with the Trust Deed, Securities Act and other...

Compliance with Trust Deed

To ensure that the Manager manages and administers the Fund in accordance with the Trust Deed, the Securities Act and other regulatory...

Compliance with Accounting Standards

To ensure proper records are kept of all transactions, dividends, interest and income received and distributed in respect of the Fund

Investment Policies

To ensure that the Manager keeps the Trustee fully informed of the details of the Manager’s policies in investments and any changes thereof

Audit Standards

To ensure the accounts are audited at the end of each accrual period by the auditors and the Manager, on behalf of the Trustee

Our Trustee Companies Include: