This year’s fun run held on Sunday 05th July, 2015 saw more than 10, 000 people from across the nation take part in the annual Trukai Fun Run. Men, women, children and pets from all walks of life were a part of this event.

This year’s fun run was a special event as PNG also played host to the Pacific Games. Pacific Balanced Fund as a shareholder in Trukai has long been a supporter of this event, by way of sponsoring Fun Run t-shirts for school. A total of 500 t-shirts were presented to Koroboro International School, Waigani Primary and Tokarara Secondary School. Each school will be re-selling the shirts to raise funds for projects.

Waigani Primary School, Moses Modakewau in receiving the shirts, thanked MTSL for its support toward the school, as it would assist greatly with their new gardening project. The funds raised from this year’s Trukai Fun Run assisted Team PNG in the 2015 Pacific Games and will also go towards the Commonwealth Youth Games in Apia Samoa later this year.

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Formerly known as Investment Corporation Fund Papua New Guinea (ICFPNG)